Andreas Neumann featured in Essential Journal November 2018 Edition

Andreas Neumann featured in Essential Journal November 2018 Edition

American ValhallaAndreas NEUMANN

There’s a razor-sharp line between photography and fine art, and German-born visual artist, Andreas Neumann, treads it with a most enviable and inimitable elegance. Neumann’s work betrays a distinctly baroque sensibility: A perpetual power play between light and dark that creates a Caravaggio-esque, chiaroscuro charm. His 2016 book, Lucha: A Tribute, is a vivid journey behind and beyond the mask of the Mexican luchador. Likewise, his 2017 direc- torial debut, American Valhalla, is a uniquely-intimate documentary that captures the near folkloric collaboration of two of the biggest rock acts in modern history: Iggy Pop and Queens of the Stone Age frontman, Josh Homme. Charting the development of Iggy Pop and Josh Homme’s self-funded and secretly-recorded Post Pop Depression album, Neu- mann’s American Valhalla transcends the realms of photography and documentary to achieve something more akin to a collabora- tive, multimedia art project. ‘After the work with Queens and Iggy Pop, a lot of people assume I’m a band photographer. But it goes a lot further than that. I really couldn’t have done this kind of work with anyone else: It was a journey unique to us and us alone. I was around Queens of the Stone Age for so long that Josh started referring to me as their camera-player.’

The documentary will also form the basis of Neumann’s second book, also titled American Valhalla. It makes perfect sense. After all, if Josh and Iggy provided Post Pop Depression with a sound, it’s safe to say that Neumann gave it a face.

The image of a leather-clad, slick-haired Josh astride his custom-made Falcon motorcycle - pictured above - is proof of the palpable synergy between both artists. By all accounts, it’s an image only Neumann could have taken. Like the folded arms and white t-shirt of a young Marlon Brando or the Baracuta-clad cool of a too-fast-to-live James Dean, Neumann’s vision of Josh in the California heat of the Joshua Tree desert bears all the hallmarks of photography history in the making.

Andreas Neumann’s Lucha: A Tribute, is out now and available at His latest book, American Valhalla, will be available soon at You can also check out his other work online at and via his Instagram @neumanvision.

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